Our Pineville Family Dentists Provide the Difference between Gingivitis and Periodontitis

People looking to receive the proper gingivitis treatment must understand the ways in which gingivitis treatment differs from periodontitis. But while both diseases are from the same family, gingivitis is a more mild form which can be treated in a very basic manner if the problem is caught early enough. Periodontitis however requires an extremely [...]

Tips to Help Your Child in the Waiting Room at the Pediatric Dentist

When you think about bringing your kids to the local dentist office for the first time, you may frequently picture a massacre in your head. You see your kids screaming and crying before, during and after their time at the children's dentist. Although you might not entirely assuage every single fear that they have, you [...]

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Do “Baby Teeth” Really Need Dental Care?

Because a child's first set of teeth fall out and are replaced by the primary teeth, many parents mistakenly believe there is no need to care for "baby teeth." However, baby teeth have several important roles. Speaking Learning to speak is an important part of a child's first few years. Without healthy baby teeth, children [...]

Pineville Dentist Explains Why You Should Hold Off on Whitening Children’s Teeth

When it comes to children’s health, sometimes it’s best to do less and take the gentler approach. The same philosophy goes for whitening teeth. Do-it-yourself and professional whitening agents can cause tooth sensitivity, so we recommend waiting until the little ones aren’t so little before taking this cosmetic step. The Academy of General Dentistry recommends [...]