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A Little About Dr. Ogletree (In His Own Words)

Here is a little background about why I got into dentistry and a look into what continues to drive me to always want more. For generations, my parents have been cornerstones of our community because of their involvement and services extending beyond their local dental office. They have served people; ranging from those with routine toothaches to individuals in need of a confidant. These two special people have been my role models since before I was old enough to realize how lucky I was to have exceptional parents. I grew [...]

Got A Dental Emergency?

Pineville, NC Emergency Dentist | Dr. Ogletree | Adult & Pediatric Dental Services What Qualifies as a Dental Emergency? Accidents and dental injuries to the teeth may not be entirely avoidable. However, not all injuries warrant a dental visit for emergency dental care. There are some dental emergencies that you can do something about on your own before sourcing dental services. In this article, learn about what constitutes a dental emergency as well as steps to take for addressing accidents and injuries to your teeth. What is [...]

Understanding the Importance of Men’s Dental Health

In today’s society, men are starting to take more time when it comes to self-care. From manscaping to therapy and having a space for themselves in the home, efforts are being made. However, men often neglect to take care of their oral health, opting to avoid the dentist, when in reality, men’s dental health is extremely important. Men have a higher risk of developing oral health conditions, such as periodontal disease, so it is essential that proper cleaning is provided for the teeth and gums. Dental Health and Medical Condition [...]

Periodontal Disease: What Are the Symptoms?

A common dental condition that many patients face is periodontal disease. After the age of 30, adults began to face this condition, one that is the leading cause of tooth loss for adults in the world. The condition is linked to health issues such as diabetes and Alzheimer’s, affecting an individual’s overall health as well as teeth and gums. If you are over the age of 30, you may be wondering what the symptoms of periodontal disease are. By learning more about the condition, you can avoid the condition or [...]

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