According to dentists, deep cleanings are very important since the treatments can stop chronic gum disease. Following a Thanksgiving meal, you’ll need a routine cleaning in order to remove the bacteria and plaque that builds up underneath your gums.

Why Dental Exams are Important

The dental tools that are used during dental exams help dentists remove tarter and plaque that generate on tooth surfaces over time. Plaque causes gum disease because it is a sticky film that is made up of thousands of bacteria. If you don’t brush and floss regularly, a dentist must eliminate the plaque with special cleaning equipment. Tarter has different characteristics because it is a hard, dense substance. If tarter isn’t removed on time, it may cause tooth decay. A general dentist will clean tarter with a special device, which peels away the deposits without harming the teeth. If a deposit is located in a hard-to-see area, the dentist will use a dental mirror in order to pinpoint and remove the tarter effectively and efficiently. After all of the large tarter pieces are dislodged, the dentist will complete the treatment with sleeker hand-held tools, such as scalers and curettes. Because these devices are finer, they can easily remove smaller deposits that stick to tooth surfaces.

The Best Time to Get a Treatment

When bone loss appears in an X-ray, a deep cleaning treatment is highly recommended. A dentist will also suggest a cleaning if your gum pockets are over 4 millimeters deep. Inflammation is another common sign; you’ll need a cleaning if the swelling lasts for a very long time.

Cleaning Cost at Our Pineville Dentist Office

At a typical clinic, a basic dental cleaning will cost no more than $100. If you need a preventive treatment, your insurer will pay for it. A deep cleaning treatment, however, is more extensive, so most dentists will charge more to clean each quadrant.

Professional teeth cleaning should not be ignored because it prevents periodontal disease. By visiting our local Pineville dentist office, you can keep your teeth healthy throughout the year. To schedule an appointment with a general dentist, contact us today.