In today’s society, men are starting to take more time when it comes to self-care. From manscaping to therapy and having a space for themselves in the home, efforts are being made. However, men often neglect to take care of their oral health, opting to avoid the dentist, when in reality, men’s dental health is extremely important. Men have a higher risk of developing oral health conditions, such as periodontal disease, so it is essential that proper cleaning is provided for the teeth and gums.

Dental Health and Medical Condition Connections

Surprisingly to many, poor dental health habits are connected to other medical conditions. Often times, symptoms of periodontal disease are a sign of other medical conditions in men. Males who are showing signs of periodontal disease may have such medical conditions as prostate issues, heart disease, impotence, and Alzheimer’s disease.

With these conditions, a common issue is inflammation. By visiting the dentist and discovering signs of periodontal disease, you can avoid other health issues or have an idea of what else might be going on with the body.

Create a New Dental Routine

If you find that you are struggling to work on good dental health, create a new dental routine. It is never too late to start making smart decisions when it comes to your oral health. Starting a good practice now for dental care will ensure that any issues are caught early and you can stay healthy.

To begin, see the dentist. Make appointments for twice a year to have x-rays completed, an exam and cleaning. This will ensure that your teeth, gums, and mouth are healthy. If any changes are needed, the dentist can make suggestions.

Be sure to brush your teeth at least twice a day for two minutes each. This helps to remove the plaque and bacteria that grow in the mouth from meals and drinks. Floss twice a day as well. You want to remove the plaque that grows in between the teeth in areas where the toothbrush is unable to reach. You can also carry a toothpick or portable flossers to be able to take care of stuck food while away from home.

Rinsing your mouth is also important. It is recommended that adults use a mouthwash that is alcohol-free to kill any bacteria or germs that can lead to plaque growth. If you smoke, try to quit. This will give your oral health a boost. It is important to have the dentist check for any signs of oral cancer if you are a long-time smoker.

Overall, it is important to try and live a healthy lifestyle. Choose to eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water. Add in exercise and you will see a difference in your overall health.

To begin a new dental care routine, the staff at Royce Family Dentistry is happy to assist. We can provide regular cleaning and exams as well as x-rays to ensure quality overall oral health. Give our office a call today at 704-540-5440 to learn more and to schedule an appointment.