There are so many reasons your dentist can recommended a dental crowns for you. It is mostly required when you have dental implants, broken or chipped tooth, root canal treatment, large filling, decay, or bruxism. It may also be recommended to enhance your looks. A crown is a cap that covers a tooth up to the gum line. It has both aesthetic and functional benefits.

We at <company name> provide total dental solutions including dental crowns to for different types of problems. There are many benefits of choosing crowns over other treatments.

What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown can work as a replacement tooth used to repair damaged, cracked, or worn down tooth. A crown helps protect your tooth from further damage. It is also referred to as a cap and looks like a natural tooth both in terms of shape and color. Dental crowns can be made of different materials including porcelain, ceramics, gold, and even combination of porcelain shell and alloys.

There are many advantages of choosing dental caps over other treatment options.

Simple Procedure

Dental crown treatment is simple and minimally invasive. It involves:

  • Cleaning and ensuring that the enamel is healthy so that the crown can be held firmly
  • An impression of the tooth is taken
  • The crown is then handcrafted and then placed and fixed over the tooth using a strong cement

Improved Looks

Another advantage of dental crowns is that they help improve your teeth’s looks. You will not have to show your chipped or cracked tooth. A cap can help you achieve natural looks. It can restore your natural smile without making you feel awkward about the damage to your teeth.

As already mentioned, dental caps can help you achieve natural looks. During the early few days it can feel slightly different, but gradually the crown will set and will feel normal. porcelain crowns are recommended if you want to have a crown that looks just like natural teeth. Ceramic is also an excellent option if your goal is to have crowns that don’t stand out from the other teeth.

It is up to your dentist to recommend when you will need dental crowns. We at Royce Family Dentistry provide solutions to different types of dental problems. It is recommended to contact us with your concerns about your dental problems. Our certified and experienced dentists will determine the best treatment for your dental condition.