Dental discoloration is a condition that affects millions of people worldwide but at varying degrees. Factors such as the passage of time, food, and environment affect the natural radiance of teeth irrespective of whether you floss, brush, and see your dentist for a checkup on a regular basis. Luckily, professional teeth whitening is arguably one of the most effective methods to lighten or completely remove stains and attain a perfect white smile.

Various Whitening Options Available

Currently, there are hosts of whitening options available on the market. For instance, your dentist can recommend over-the-counter products that can help you restore the radiance of your teeth. Alternatively, you can go for the dentist-supervised treatment, which is not only safer, but also produces reliable results. A competent cosmetic dentist in Pineville conducts a thorough oral examination on you before devising a treatment program that addresses your needs. Adhering to a professional whitening program is a sure way of enjoying an improved smile and an enhanced self-confidence.

Tips for Maintaining a White Smile

After the whitening procedure, you will need to continue taking care of your teeth to keep them white for a longer duration.

1. Embrace a white-teeth diet
You need to know that whatever you consume is reflected on your teeth. For instance, if you are drinking black tea, red wine, or smoking cigarettes, your teeth will develop discolored patches over time. Other products that could discolor your teeth include gravies, dark juices, and colas. However, if you cannot avoid consuming products that may stain your teeth, brush them immediately after eating. Utilize an effective bleaching agent prescribed by your dentist. Additionally, eat tooth-staining foods or drinks when you can easily access your toothbrush. A reliable cosmetic dentist in Pineville can offer professional advice on how you should take good care of your teeth.

2. Enamel protection
Weak enamel affects the radiance and white nature of your teeth. The enamel lacks living cells hence it lacks the ability to repair itself once it breaks down. Therefore, you should brush your teeth using fluoride-rich toothpaste. Fluoride is instrumental in the strengthening of tooth enamel and protects it from wear and tear caused by acidic foods and drinks. Therefore, the outcome of teeth whitening procedure is incredible when you have strong enamel.

3. Regular in-office care
You should try to integrate home whitening and in-office care since they bring long lasting results. An experienced dentist can identify infections and treat them effectively at an early stage.

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