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A Little About Dr. Ogletree (In His Own Words)

Here is a little background about why I got into dentistry and a look into what continues to drive me to always want more. For generations, my parents have been cornerstones of our community because of their involvement and services extending beyond their local dental office. They have served people; ranging from those with routine toothaches to individuals in need of a confidant. These two special people have been my role models since before I was old enough to realize how lucky I was to have exceptional parents. I grew [...]

Tooth Filling: Procedure Explained

Tooth Filling | Dentist In Pineville, NC | Royce Family Dentistry Restoring The Tooth's Structure The tooth fillings procedure is the most common procedure that a dentist performs. Fillings are used to correct damage to teeth caused by tooth decay. Patients undergo treatment to restore the tooth back to its original form. Before Dr. Ogletree, a dentist in Pineville NC, can perform a filling procedure he will remove the decayed portion of the tooth. Once removed, he will clean the area and fill in the hole with [...]

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Root Canal Therapy Explained

Dentist in Pineville, NC | Root Canal Therapy Explained | Royce Family Dentistry When You Need Root Canal Therapy Root Canal Therapy is a dental procedure that you may be familiar with. This is a very common procedure that is performed by a dentist in order to save the structure of the tooth by removing the dead pulp. Tooth decay is the reason that the pulp inside of the tooth dies. Once the death of the pulp has occurred toxins are secreted that will eventually reach the [...]

Flossing Debate: Is It Really Useful?

Benefits of Flossing | Pineville, NC Dentist | Royce Family Dentistry The Teeth Flossing Debate Questions have been raised about flossing within and outside of the dental community. One side of the conversation consist of questions from the patients, like “Is flossing really that useful?”, “Does flossing actually spread bacteria around the mouth?”, “Should I continue to floss or just quit altogether?”. While the other side of the conversation consists of dentists who are ardent supporters of flossing and researchers who have their doubts. Read more below about the [...]

Do You Have Rotten Teeth?

Do You Have Rotten Teeth? Tooth Decay Treatment | Pineville, NC Dentist | Royce Family Dentistry How Do You Tell If Your Teeth Are Rotten? Certainly, visibly rotten teeth are embarrassing, causes odors and can lead to anxiety or low confidence in social settings. For people who have rotten teeth, pain that they experience as the teeth succumb to further decaying is a lot worse than the embarrassment. So, how do you tell if your teeth are rotting? What are the signs and symptoms to look out [...]

Tooth Erosion & Treatment Options

Pineville, NC Dentist | Dr. Ogletree | Treatment for Tooth Erosion Tooth Erosion & Treatment Options Enamel is the hardest material in the human body. This tough coating helps to protect your teeth against damage. Without it, you will experience significant discomfort every time your teeth come into contact with something hot or cold. This outer layer is not immune to wear and tear despite being described as the hardest substance in the body. It does and will erode without proper maintenance of your oral health. What [...]

Prevent Cavities

Pineville, NC Dentist | Dr. Ogletree | Cavity Treatment & Prevention Avoid these 9 Behaviors to Prevent Cavities Chances are likely that if you are an American adult, you’ve experienced at least one cavity in your lifetime. Cavities are one of the most common infectious diseases treated in cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry. In 2015, the Centers for Disease Control released a study indicating that 91% of Americans over 20 years old have had cavities. The high prevalence of this entirely preventable disease is partly due to [...]

Got A Dental Emergency?

Pineville, NC Emergency Dentist | Dr. Ogletree | Adult & Pediatric Dental Services What Qualifies as a Dental Emergency? Accidents and dental injuries to the teeth may not be entirely avoidable. However, not all injuries warrant a dental visit for emergency dental care. There are some dental emergencies that you can do something about on your own before sourcing dental services. In this article, learn about what constitutes a dental emergency as well as steps to take for addressing accidents and injuries to your teeth. What is [...]

Understanding the Importance of Men’s Dental Health

In today’s society, men are starting to take more time when it comes to self-care. From manscaping to therapy and having a space for themselves in the home, efforts are being made. However, men often neglect to take care of their oral health, opting to avoid the dentist, when in reality, men’s dental health is extremely important. Men have a higher risk of developing oral health conditions, such as periodontal disease, so it is essential that proper cleaning is provided for the teeth and gums. Dental Health and Medical Condition [...]

5 Tips For Children’s First Dental Visit

First Dentist Appointment | Pediatric Dentist In Pineville, NC | Royce Family Dentistry On The Path To Good Oral Health Once children begin to develop teeth, parents must begin a dental routine and schedule their first dental visit. In the beginning and throughout life, brushing and rinsing out the mouth is important for good oral health. As your child ages, they will need to begin to see the dentist for regular checkups. For small children, their first dental visit can be scary. Thankfully, there are ways that [...]