Visiting the same dentists time and time again provides people with a level of security and comfort. Sometimes, they forget that a better option may exist. While feeling comfortable with the practitioner is important, people should recognize when the time may have come to find a new general dentist in the area.

Change in Dentists
One of the reasons why people like to go to the same place for their dental exams is their familiarity with the dentist him or herself. As times change, however, new dentists may move into the practice as the older ones retire. Even though the physical space is still the same, the general dentist is not, and patients may not have the same rapport with the new professionals. Instead of forcing a connection with a practice that no longer exists, people can consider a new local dentist office.

Dropped Insurance
From time to time, some dental practices change the types of insurance that they will provide. In the event that people’s dentists stopped accepting their insurance, they may need to switch to a new professional for dental exams. Some basic procedures may still be affordable. However, for the majority of people, paying out-of-pocket for dental procedures is beyond what their budgets will allow, especially if the dental office does not accept payment plans or if major dental work is needed. Individuals may want to switch now before they discover that they need a costly procedure.

Sub Par Advice
Sometimes, people love the bedside manner of their dentists, but they do not feel as though their teeth are in optimal health. Maybe their teeth do not look white or straight, or perhaps they find themselves constantly going for procedure after procedure. It’s true that some people do have many dental issues and will just need to keep going to the dentist. However, in other cases, the dentist may simply not have the best skills to deal with a particular patient, so the patient should make the change.

Knowing when to change dentists is difficult, especially for people who have followed the same routine for many years. However, these changes are important to make especially because dental hygiene is so important. Instead of wavering back and forth, make the decision to change dentists and to give our practice a call to schedule a meeting.