How Dental Sealants Can Prevent Tooth Decay

Protect Your Teeth with Preventative Dentistry Treatments When you or family members experience frequent tooth decay, it is time to consider protecting the delicate enamel surfaces of teeth with dental sealants. Sealants are designed to cover and protect particular areas of teeth where food collects and is difficult to remove with brushing and flossing. Cosmetic dentists can apply durable color-matching or clear materials to front teeth that have cingulum pits or back teeth that have fissures. In most cases, these sealants are used on the teeth of children who often fail to brush their teeth thoroughly. Avoid Needing Dental Crowns or Root Canals The application of sealants is considered a form of preventative dentistry to protect the permanent teeth toward [...]

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To Get the Most from Your General Dentist, Visit Them at Least Twice a Year

You should visit a general dentist at least twice a year for a routine checkup that can find problems in early stages for fast and effective treatments. Dentists are responsible for performing extensive dental exams that include looking at these structures: • Teeth • Gums • Palate • Tongue • Back of your throat • Head • Neck • Facial lips In addition to looking for cavities in your teeth along with gum tissue inflammation, a general dentist is responsible for finding growths or diseases that occur inside the oral cavity or on the face and neck. Some of the problems a dentist might find are periodontal disease that can lead to tooth loss or tumors than indicate cancer. How-To [...]

6 Important Reasons to See Our Pineville Dentist Twice a Year

Visiting a general dentist for cleanings twice a year is important for healthy teeth and gums. There is also increasing evidence that having a regular teeth cleaning can provide overall health benefits. The following are 6 reasons to see your dentist twice a year. 1. Dental Health Can Affect Overall Health Studies are showing that healthy teeth and gums can affect respiratory, circulatory, and even heart health. Good dental care can reduce inflammation causing bacteria that accumulates in the body. 2. Cleanings Will Remove Plaque and Tartar Plaque is a sticky layer that consists of bacteria. If it isn't removed on a regular basis it can become tartar. Plaque and tartar on your teeth can eventually lead to a variety [...]

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Make the Move Towards Great Oral Health with These 3 Tips

When moving to a new area like Charlotte or Pineville, you must take the task of locating a general dentist seriously. Oral health for yourself and your family should never take a back seat. While the process can often seem difficult when you first begin, there are some proven strategies that you can take with you that will help to locate a local dentist office that is the best fit for your needs. Take Advantage of Resources You Already Have  Before making the move, it is wise to ask your current general dentist for any recommendations that they can make concerning a local dentist office in the area you will be living. Additionally, reach out to friends, family, and coworkers [...]

What Are Tooth Eruptions? Our Pineville Dentist Explains.

Tooth Eruption Timeline Parents, and even older children, can become concerned about tooth development. Wondering when teeth should erupt, and being concerned when the teeth do not appear on schedule, is common. First, you need to remember that each individual is different. Guidelines are just guidelines, however, our Pineville dentist thought we could pass on this information to help you. Primary Teeth Children normally have 20 primary or baby teeth. The first two to appear are usually the lower central incisors between six to ten months of age. These fall out between five and seven years of age. Two upper central incisors – eight to 12 months Two upper lateral incisors – nine to 13 months Two upper cuspids or canines – [...]

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