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5 Simple Solutions to Knock Out Bad Breath from Our Pineville Dentist

My mouth stinks… The mouth is the area in the body that gathers the most refuse. It is, after all, the part that we use for ingesting food, and as a result germs can accumulate here if proper care is not taken. When that happens, the mouth can give off a bad odor. Human beings are, after all, “hard wired” to respond adversely to the smell of an unhealthy body part so that they can remedy the situation. Here are five dental hygiene tips to keep the mouth healthy and [...]

10 Simple Tips to Eliminate Unpleasant Bad Breath

One of the questions that is often asked to practitioners of family dentistry is, "How do I get rid of bad breath?" We would like to offer 10 tips to help you eliminate bad breath so that you can be at your best and have a healthy, fresh, and clean mouth all day long. 1.) See Your Dentist or Doctor - In some cases, bad breath is a symptom of a dental or medical condition. If you have persistent bad breath, please see your family dental professional or your family doctor [...]