From the Desk of Dr. Hugh E. Ogletree Jr., DMD, MS.


We at Royce Family Dentistry recognize the uncertain nature of the world’s current health challenge. We remain attentive to official updates and developments to help us better lead. Without a doubt, we are here to serve today, as we did yesterday and will continue tomorrow and beyond. While we take this opportunity to bond with family; we are reminded to be thankful for life’s simple pleasures like fresh air to breathe, good health, and wellness. It is quite easy to take a deep breath for granted. As an extension of your family, we as your dental family are working diligently during this time to bolster our systems/protocols to continue our reputation of impeccable service and ensure an improved experience for those who entrust us. 

From the beginning of this COVID-19 episode, Information has flowed fast, and many have had to make difficult decisions – including us. Being one of the first in our community to make the tough decision to delay routine dental procedures to help fight a germ was counter-intuitive as we fight germs as a profession, however that decision was necessary for the greater good of saving lives by “flattening the curve”. I am proud to say we at Royce Family Dentistry did and are doing our part to help save lives. While my team and I obviously miss helping our patients smile brighter every day, it is not lost on us our world is in crisis which will require sacrifice and grit. We wish to remain a steady source of comfort and care during this time as we have been since our inception. We look forward to serving our wonderful patients when we resume our regular schedule on May 1. In the meantime, we wish you all safety and prosperity!

War Eagle,

Dr. O