General Dentistry In Pineville, NC

Royce Family Dentistry of Pineville is a general dentistry practice that teaches its patients how to practice good oral hygiene in order to keep their teeth and mouths healthy. Our Dentists are great with patients and they love teaching people about oral hygiene. Alongside your daily brushing and flossing, regular dental exams and cleanings are vitally important in keeping your teeth healthy, strong, and looking their best. Our dental exams include an evaluation by our Dentists, digital X-rays, and consultations on any issues that are spotted so you can make the most informed choice on how to proceed with necessary treatment. If you let too much time go between dental exams and cleanings, plaque and tooth decay can slowly build. Which can lead to expensive and time-consuming treatments.

It is important to start a good oral hygiene routine. When children have good oral hygiene routine, then they will continue with the same routine for the rest of their lives, and always have strong, beautiful teeth.


During a routine visit, your dentist examines your teeth and gums to determine if you have any cavities or other oral problems. Your dental hygienist will also cleans your teeth and get rid of all of the plaque that is residing in your mouth. It is important to see your dentist every six months in order to keep your teeth healthy and strong. To ensure healthy teeth, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends their 1st visit by 12 months old.


Emergency dental appointments, Dental oral surgery extractions of teeth, tooth cleaning and regular check-up appointments, crowns, gum disease treatment, dental mouth guards, denture/partials to replace missing teeth, sleep apnea/ snoring treatment for troubled sleepers, comprehensive exams with your dental cleanings, dental x-rays, teeth contouring, oral cancer screening and smoking cessation, fluoride treatment


Royce Family Dentistry of Pineville is a general dentistry practice that teaches our patients how to practice great oral hygiene in order to keep their teeth and mouths healthy. Our dental exams include an evaluation by Dr. Ogletree and Dr. Patel, digital X-rays, and consultations on any dental needs that you may need met. Keeping health teeth and oral hygiene is very important to your health. Did you know that by keeping good oral care it will help you live longer!


It’s almost certain everyone will have to deal with the most basic of dental maladies—cavities. If left unaddressed, cavities can cause much more widespread tooth decay and oral pain. When a cavity is removed, ensuring the infected portions of the tooth no longer remains, it can leave an open space that not only threatens the structural integrity of the tooth but can make it easier for infection. A composite resin or amalgam filling fixes this by replacing the lost tooth structure


One of our goals is to make sure that this generation, and future generations of children grow up WITHOUT a fear of the dental office. According to our many happy parents, we are doing just that! Our office is a relaxed and happy place.