National Children’s Dental Month

February is National Children’s Dental Month! To kick it off, Dr. Ogletree sat down with some of our favorite local news stations to talk about preparing your child for their first dental visit and how you can establish good practices at home.

Check out the full segments here and some of our top tips, plus a special offer, below:

Make good dental hygiene fun at home by…

  • Letting your children choose their own fun toothbrush and toothpaste flavor.
  • Using a timer or a favorite song to ensure they brush for 2 minutes.
  • Rewarding them for good oral care – not with a sugary treat, but with a healthy fruit or a gold star.
  • Planing a fun activity following your dental visit.

Best practices…

  • Start good brushing habits at a very young age, brushing with just water before adding toothpaste.
  • Until your child is old enough to spit out the toothpaste, use one without fluoride.
  • Teach your child to floss by using floss on a handle to begin.
  • Take your child for their first dental visit when they are about one. This will allow the dentist to look for any early problems and will help your child feel comfortable at the dentist.

Plus, did you know that if you have a child under one-year you can bring them with to your appointment for a free screening from Dr. Ogletree? Call us to book appointments for your whole family today!