Flossing Debate: Is It Really Useful?

Flossing: Is It Really Useful? Benefits of Flossing | Pineville, NC Dentist | Royce Family Dentistry The Teeth Flossing Debate Questions have been raised about flossing within and outside of the dental community. One side of the conversation consist of questions from the patients, like “Is flossing really that useful?”, “Does flossing actually spread bacteria around the mouth?”, “Should I continue to floss or just quit altogether?”. While the other side of the conversation consists of dentists who are ardent supporters of flossing and researchers who have their doubts. Read more below about the flossing debate. Need An Appointment With Our Dentist in Pineville, NC? BOOK APPOINTMENT The majority of dental professionals and the American Dental [...]

Understanding the Importance of Men’s Dental Health

In today’s society, men are starting to take more time when it comes to self-care. From manscaping to therapy and having a space for themselves in the home, efforts are being made. However, men often neglect to take care of their oral health, opting to avoid the dentist, when in reality, men’s dental health is extremely important. Men have a higher risk of developing oral health conditions, such as periodontal disease, so it is essential that proper cleaning is provided for the teeth and gums. Dental Health and Medical Condition Connections Surprisingly to many, poor dental health habits are connected to other medical conditions. Often times, symptoms of periodontal disease are a sign of other medical conditions in men. Males [...]

The Best Ways of Keeping Your Oral Health Optimal

Your oral health is very important, and needs to be kept up with daily. You need an established oral hygiene routine that includes seeing a dentist, every six months, like clockwork. Here at Royce Family Dentistry, we are always looking to add new patients to our dental family. We love teaching new patients how to properly care for their mouths. Come in and see us. Let us help teach you the best ways to keep up with your oral health. How to Optimize Your Oral Health One of the best ways to optimize your oral health is to make sure you brush two times per day. The first time should be when you first get up in the morning, and the [...]

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6 Dental Tips for Healthier & Brighter Teeth

Most people take their dental health lightly. Brushing daily is what they think the best dental care that exists out there. It is not enough and it requires a lot more to ensure healthier teeth and gums. We at Royce Family Dentistry always come across patients who have had dental issues despite brushing daily. We suggest these simple dental tips that everyone should follow to ensure optimal dental health. 1. Make Sure to Floss Daily You should brush your teeth twice daily, but your teeth need more than that to keep them clean. Food particles can enter between the teeth and the bristles in the brush may not always reach those places. This is why you should floss daily to keep [...]

Learn The Basics of Good Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene/dental hygiene means the overall maintenance of the mouth, gums and teeth. It includes daily maintenance at home as well as regular dental checkups and professional teeth-cleaning treatments. Just as it is important for you to brush and floss your teeth regularly, it is equally important that you get professional cleanings done from your dentist/dental hygienist. This is the best way of keeping your natural teeth for years to come. The Oral Hygiene Process Regardless of how religiously and meticulously you brush & floss every day, over time there will be a build-up of calculus on the teeth. As this calculus builds under the gum line, bacteria begin invading the area and can lead to a range of dental [...]

Our Pineville Dentist Explains the Importance of Dental X-Rays

Along with keeping our teeth looking white and attractive, we visit the dentist to avoid unseen problems before they erupt into major concerns. Our Pineville dentist can see certain issues with a physical exam, but, some oral diseases start deep within the gum and can only be detected with dental x-rays. There are several different types of x-rays, and each serves a specific purpose. X-rays can expose hidden teeth, bone loss and problems with the jaw. However, each type can help the dentist see oral infections, gum disease, certain types of tumors and even cavities at their earliest stages. Periapical X-Rays Periapical x-rays show the whole tooth from the crown, past the root to the bones that support the tooth. [...]

Our Pineville Family Dentists Provide the Difference between Gingivitis and Periodontitis

People looking to receive the proper gingivitis treatment must understand the ways in which gingivitis treatment differs from periodontitis. But while both diseases are from the same family, gingivitis is a more mild form which can be treated in a very basic manner if the problem is caught early enough. Periodontitis however requires an extremely more invasive process because of the aggression of the oral disease. The pockets that are created which can contain bacteria often lead to long-term dental issues and in many cases the loss of teeth. If he is essential for anyone who has signs of periodontitis to seek long-term treatment so that they can restore their dental health to the best of their ability. Going into [...]

Knowing What Causes Tooth Loss Will Help You Improve Your Dental Health

When a tooth comes out and the cause is not an accident or injury, the number one cause is gum disease. Gum disease is the first stage in the process of a tooth dying and falling out, and gum disease begins with poor dental hygiene. Practicing good dental hygiene will greatly reduce the risk of gum disease, but regular visits to your local dentist office are also necessary to treat gum disease if it does occur. Gum disease can sometimes be caused by illness; it can be a side effect of some medications; or you can inherit it. Left untreated, gum disease will progress, and then it can cause tooth decay, destroy a tooth and cause it to fall out [...]

Pineville Dentist Shares Tips On How Do I Know If I Have a Cavity

How Do I Know If I Have Cavities? Our doctors and team at Pineville dental offices frequently field questions about cavities and what causes them. Patients will typically ask, “I brush twice a day and floss regularly, as well as rinse with hydrogen peroxide, so a cavity is unlikely, right?” Not quite. When cavities, also known as caries, are in their initial stages, people often will feel no symptoms, and they won’t experience any pain or discomfort. It’s not until the tooth decay has reached a certain level that patients begin to notice the signs. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, you may want to consider scheduling an appointment with our doctors as soon as possible: Dull [...]

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Our Pineville Dentist Shares 4 Reasons Why Your Child Needs to See a Dentist

If your child is not getting regular dental checkups, don't wait any longer. Find a good local children's dentist and schedule an appointment. Some parents believe their children only need to see a dentist when a problem occurs, such as mouth pain or losing a tooth. But it is much better to contact a local dentist office that specializes in treating children and set up an appointment while your child is still young. Preschool and school-age children have active minds that eagerly absorb information. They can learn a great deal of valuable life-long information when they visit the dentist. Dental Hygiene Small children can learn basic dental hygiene by the methods used by a dental hygienist during their office visit. [...]

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