Your oral health is very important, and needs to be kept up with daily. You need an established oral hygiene routine that includes seeing a dentist, every six months, like clockwork. Here at Royce Family Dentistry, we are always looking to add new patients to our dental family. We love teaching new patients how to properly care for their mouths. Come in and see us. Let us help teach you the best ways to keep up with your oral health.

How to Optimize Your Oral Health

The Best Ways of Keeping Your Oral Health OptimalOne of the best ways to optimize your oral health is to make sure you brush two times per day. The first time should be when you first get up in the morning, and the second time should be at least 30 minutes after your last meal of the day and before bedtime. You need to brush for a full two minutes, and make sure that you covered each part of your teeth, inside, chewing surface, and outside.

After at least one of the brushings each day, you should make sure to floss. You need to floss each gap between your teeth twice, scraping the plaque out from each tooth’s surface. Your tooth nearer the back of your mouth should be scraped on one pass, and then the tooth nearer the front of your mouth should be scraped on the second. This helps to keep the gaps between your teeth clean and healthier.

You want to use mouthwash after each time you brush, as that helps to keep bacteria levels in your mouth down. You should rinse after each brushing with the mouthwash, and then not put anything in your mouth for at least 30 minutes. This allows the nutrients and the fluoride in the mouthwash to soak into your teeth, giving you a healthier smile.

Don’t Forget Visiting Our Offices

Part of your oral health also depends on seeing us every six months. We will take x-rays, clean your teeth, examine your entire mouth, screen for oral cancer, and talk to you about your current level of oral health. If we come across a problem during your visit, we will talk to you about what treatment options you have. Then we will help you get it taken care of. Come in and see us at Royce Family Dentistry, and let us help you get the best oral health possible.