No one enjoys a toothache. In fact, some say the pain when a nerve is involved can be excruciating. Since the best plan of attack to stop toothaches is prevention, follow these five tips to avoid toothaches all year long.

1. Brush teeth daily.

Everyone should brush at least twice a day, morning and evening, as well as after meals and snacks if possible. Brushing right after eating helps to remove food that gets caught between teeth or under the gum line. If you can’t brush due to being in a public place, try to rinse out your mouth after eating, at least.

2. Floss and rinse, too.

Many people don’t mind brushing their teeth, but they don’t go the extra step to floss and rinse with mouthwash. Flossing removes particles of debris that are too small for a toothbrush to get. Mouthwash kills residual germs that may linger in hard-to-reach places after brushing. These three steps – brushing, flossing, and rinsing – will remove a majority of bacteria from the mouth and help to prevent tooth decay that causes cavities, and eventually, toothaches.

3. Get dental exams twice yearly.

No one can stop toothaches better than a dentist. Make an appointment with our general dentist in Pineville for a thorough dental examination twice a year. X-rays will likely be scheduled to check under the gum line or hard-to-see places for hidden decay. Professionals in our Pineville dentist office, for example, follow a typical routine in taking x-rays, doing an oral exam, and consulting with the patient on recommended care of regular teeth and any needed treatment for tooth problems.

4. Follow dental advice.

Our general dentist in Pineville will suggest a daily dental plan of care for everyday use. This should be followed consistently to avoid problems. Our Pineville dentist often recommends getting a new toothbrush every three months, as the old ones begin to disintegrate after that period of time.

5. Avoid sugary foods and soda.

Sugar and soda harm teeth more than other substances. Limit intake of these things and try to brush or rinse after any type of snacks. This will reduce the amount of bacteria teeth are exposed to, and help prevent cavities.

Following a handful of tips like these can keep toothaches away. Spend a few minutes each day to keep teeth healthy and pain-free.