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When You Need Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy is a dental procedure that you may be familiar with. This is a very common procedure that is performed by a dentist in order to save the structure of the tooth by removing the dead pulp. Tooth decay is the reason that the pulp inside of the tooth dies. Once the death of the pulp has occurred toxins are secreted that will eventually reach the root canal causing pain and infection.

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Pulp tissue is kept alive as long as there is a connection to the blood vessels that originate at the root tip. If the root tip, blood vessels or the root canal are affected, the pulp tissue will also become compromised.

In order to correct issues caused by pulp tissue and affect the root canal, the dentist will first numb the area. Using dental tools, he will enter the tooth and scrape away the nerve and dead pulp. Once removal is complete, thorough cleaning of the canal is performed. The tooth is sealed and the healing process begins.

Without proper treatment for the decay and dead pulp, you will suffer infections and pain that may not be remedied with OTC medications or prescription meds.

What Is The Root Canal?

The root canal is the space that exists within the center of the tooth. Within the root canal, there is a soft area known as the pulp chamber. Also within the root canal is the tooth nerve, its function is sensory, it is the reason why your brain knows that soup is hot and ice is cold.

When the nerve is damaged it will break down and become a home to bacteria, resulting in infection and abscess.

Root Canal Therapy is an unavoidable procedure once all of these factors are at play; dead nerves and pulp, decay and infection. Make an appointment with Dr. Ogletree, a dentist is Pineville, if you experience persistent pain or deep set holes in the tooth.

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