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Flossing Debate: Is It Really Useful?

Benefits of Flossing | Pineville, NC Dentist | Royce Family Dentistry The Teeth Flossing Debate Questions have been raised about flossing within and outside of the dental community. One side of the conversation consist of questions from the patients, like “Is flossing really that useful?”, “Does flossing actually spread bacteria around the mouth?”, “Should I continue to floss or just quit altogether?”. While the other side of the conversation consists of dentists who are ardent supporters of flossing and researchers who have their doubts. Read more below about the [...]

Do You Have Rotten Teeth?

Do You Have Rotten Teeth? Tooth Decay Treatment | Pineville, NC Dentist | Royce Family Dentistry How Do You Tell If Your Teeth Are Rotten? Certainly, visibly rotten teeth are embarrassing, causes odors and can lead to anxiety or low confidence in social settings. For people who have rotten teeth, pain that they experience as the teeth succumb to further decaying is a lot worse than the embarrassment. So, how do you tell if your teeth are rotting? What are the signs and symptoms to look out [...]

The Best Ways of Keeping Your Oral Health Optimal

Your oral health is very important, and needs to be kept up with daily. You need an established oral hygiene routine that includes seeing a dentist, every six months, like clockwork. Here at Royce Family Dentistry, we are always looking to add new patients to our dental family. We love teaching new patients how to properly care for their mouths. Come in and see us. Let us help teach you the best ways to keep up with your oral health. How to Optimize Your Oral Health One of the best [...]

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