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Tooth Filling: Procedure Explained

Tooth Filling | Dentist In Pineville, NC | Royce Family Dentistry Restoring The Tooth's Structure The tooth fillings procedure is the most common procedure that a dentist performs. Fillings are used to correct damage to teeth caused by tooth decay. Patients undergo treatment to restore the tooth back to its original form. Before Dr. Ogletree, a dentist in Pineville NC, can perform a filling procedure he will remove the decayed portion of the tooth. Once removed, he will clean the area and fill in the hole with [...]

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Flossing Debate: Is It Really Useful?

Benefits of Flossing | Pineville, NC Dentist | Royce Family Dentistry The Teeth Flossing Debate Questions have been raised about flossing within and outside of the dental community. One side of the conversation consist of questions from the patients, like “Is flossing really that useful?”, “Does flossing actually spread bacteria around the mouth?”, “Should I continue to floss or just quit altogether?”. While the other side of the conversation consists of dentists who are ardent supporters of flossing and researchers who have their doubts. Read more below about the [...]