Though dentists strive to preserve their patients’ teeth, sometimes it is simply necessary for tooth extractions to be performed.

Why Teeth Are Removed

There are several reasons why tooth extractions may be necessary. A cosmetic dentist might have a patient whose mouth is too crowded with teeth for the procedure he and the patient want. Other reasons for teeth removal are teeth that are so badly decayed or damaged that they can’t be saved. A tooth is also removed because it is infected or is at high risk for infection. Gum disease is also a reason for teeth removal. Tragically, there might be nothing wrong with the tooth, but the underlying bone and tissues have been so damaged that they can no longer hold the tooth in place.

How Teeth Are Removed

First, the dentist administers either a local or general anesthesia to the patient. This depends on whether a single tooth is being pulled, whether several teeth are being pulled or whether a tooth is impacted. If the tooth is impacted, the dentist may need to cut away bone and tissue to remove it properly. If the tooth is very impacted, the dentist may have to cut it up and remove it piece by piece.

After the tooth is removed, the doctor will pack the empty socket with gauze. Sometimes the gauze is medicated first. The dentist will then instruct the patient to bite down to stanch any bleeding. Some tooth extractions require stitches, which may be the type that are absorbed by the body over time.

The dentist will prescribe pain killers and antibiotics. The patient should make sure that he takes the full course of antibiotics, even if he is feeling well after the surgery.

Some Tips

  • Before a tooth is removed, the patient should tell the dentist his medical history, especially if he has such conditions as liver disease, heart disease or a compromised immune system. Patients who have an artificial joint should also let their dentist know this.
  • Many dentists advise the operation to take place during cooler weather. This keeps the patient more comfortable.
  • The patient should take it easy for at least 24 hours after the operation. This means, ideally, that it should take place on a Friday evening so the patient can have the weekend to rest.

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