5 Tips to Help Your Child Through Their First Dental Visit

Once children begin to develop teeth, parents must begin a dental routine. Brushing and rinsing out the mouth is important for good oral health. As your child ages, they will need to begin to see the dentist for regular checkups. For small children, a trip to the dentist can be scary. Thankfully, there are ways that parents can prepare the child for their first dental visit, ensuring the small patient is comfortable during the exam and cleaning.

Take Kids Along to Your Appointments

One way to get your child ready for their own appointment is to bring them along for your regular checkup. Explain that the dentist is going to look at your teeth and clean them, helping you to have a healthy smile. Your child will then get to know the employees of the facility and the dentist, feeling more comfortable when it’s their turn. Most kids end up wanting to sit in the dental chair as they become more familiar with the office staff.

Read Books

There are a host of children’s books available today that talk about dental visits and can help to alleviate fears.  Purchase a book or two about going to the dentist and help your child to understand what happens during the visit so they can feel more comfortable about an upcoming appointment. Spend a few weeks integrating the dentist visit books into your nightly routine so your child has a sense of what to expect.


Children love to play with their parents. So, why not play a dentist? Have your child sit in a chair and pretend to be the dentist. You can give them a little run through of what to expect. While your child will be playing, they can also learn what to expect when they visit the dentist which helps to ease any nerves that may come up during an appointment. Playing dentist can be a fun way to let your child know what to expect, preparing them to visit the dentist in the future.

Talk to Your Child

When helping your child brush their teeth, talk to them about their upcoming appointment. Discuss how the dentist is helping your child to have strong teeth and healthy gums. By simply talking to your child about the appointment, they can have the knowledge they need to know what is going on and what to expect with their appointment.

Be By Their Side

When you arrive at the appointment, tell your child that you will be with them the entire time. They will feel more comfortable knowing that you are close by. Dental offices offer toys and books to look at in the waiting room, so get cozy with your child as you wait for the dentist to call you back for the appointment.

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