Do you really need to go to the dentist every 6 months? You brush your teeth and floss. Isn’t that enough? Royce Family Dentistry in Pineville, NC wants you to understand why we schedule our patients at least every 6 months for their routine dental cleanings and exams.

There are 6 very important reasons not to skip you 6-month dental checkup. Let’s explore them.

1) We Have the Tools
Dental hygienists have special tools that allow them to clean your teeth and gums more extensively. They undergo in-depth training to use these tools effectively without harming your mouth.

2) Early Detection Prevents Costly Procedures
Your dentist will thoroughly check your mouth for signs of gum disease and decay. When they catch these early, small habit changes or procedures can correct them. The longer they go undetected, the more costly treatments you’ll likely need.

3) Bacteria Multiply Fast
The bacteria in your mouth that cause tooth decay hide in places that are hard for you to reach — even with floss or mouthwash. During a 6 month dental checkup, your hygienist seeks out these hiding places, eliminating them. This significantly reduces the bacteria in your mouth.

4) Some People Are More Prone to Dental Problems
Some people have less enamel on their teeth so a small problem can become a big one fast.
You’re at higher risk of problems if you’re:
• Pregnant
• A smoker
• Diabetic
• Someone with gum disease

5) Your Insurance Will Pay for It
If you have dental insurance, then you probably get 2 free cleanings each year. Use them.
6) Dental Health Is Closely Linked to Overall Health
Mayo Clinic calls oral health a window to overall health. Increased bacteria in your mouth have been linked to arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and more. 

To be healthier overall, visit your dentist. Schedule an appointment today with Royce Family Dentistry by calling 704.540.5440. We work with most major dental insurance companies and pride ourselves by providing top quality dental care for the entire family.