A New Year brings excitement for everyone around the world. Many people have made resolutions, specifically those that are geared towards improving their health. Royce Family Dentistry is here to help you achieve your resolutions geared towards great dental health.

Did you know that on January 1st most dental insurances begin their new calendar year which means those with that dental insurance have new coverage for the year? What does this mean to you? If you have dental insurance, you now have coverage for the specified amount. Most dental insurance policies cover 2 or more dental cleanings a year. If you haven’t scheduled your dental cleaning and exam now is the perfect time to do so. Regular dental cleanings help to remove tartar that causes periodontal disease and also helps to reduce the occurrence of decay or dental cavities.

Staying on top of recommended dental treatment

A new dental benefit year also means addressing any recommended dental treatment. Addressing those issues helps to reduce the likelihood of more extensive treatment helping to preserve tooth structure and making your dollars last longer. As most dental insurance companies do not allow your benefits to roll over from year to year it’s beneficial to use your insurance to its maximum benefit.

Not sure what your insurance coverage is, our experienced staff at Royce Family Dentistry has a great understanding of dental insurance and is happy to assist you. Call the office today to schedule your dental appointment 704. 540.5440. Our state of the art office is conveniently located in Pineville, NC and offers a variety of dental services along with accommodating hours. Royce Family Dentistry looks forward to providing top quality dental care to you and your family in the Charlotte area.