With Easter quickly approaching, the dentists at Royce Family Dentistry wanted to share some quick tips before you fill those Easter baskets!

At Royce Family Dentistry, we affectionately call the time period between Halloween and Easter “candy season”. There is a special sweet treat for every holiday! How do you maintain good oral health and prevent tooth decay when there is an abundance of sugar in all the treats? Sugar is also present in a variety of foods, making it extra hard to know you are consuming it. Sugar is one of the main causes of tooth decay, tooth discoloration, gingivitis and gum disease, as well as sensitivity and bad breath. Cutting back or eliminating sugar completely will not only prevent tooth decay, but will lead to a lifetime of great oral health. Want to know if sugar has affected your teeth? Schedule an appointment with the dental professionals at Royce Family Dentistry.
Here are a few fun tips for those Easter baskets:

– Instead of loading them with candy and chocolate, try incorporating healthy snacks like nuts or dried
– Include small toys, puzzles, and games
– Try filling Easter eggs with stickers
– Always include a new toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss

Maintaining good dental health for your family requires keeping an eye on ingredients and knowing what foods include plaque inducing sugar. Some key things to look out for are high sugar content in condiments like ketchup and salad dressing, hidden sugars in spreads like peanut butter and natural sugars like those that are in mango and beets. All of these sugars, if left unchecked can cause problems with plaque and tooth decay. Creating good oracl care habits for your family is key to preventing tooth decay. Be sure they are brushing after each meal, flossing daily, and that each family member is getting regular dental cleanings.

Are you ready to eliminate sugar and begin your healthy dental routine? Call to schedule an appointment with the friendly dental professionals at Royce Family Dentistry!