Sinuses are hollow air spaces located in the forehead, behind each cheekbone and each eye. But the ones which are easily recognized are those within the bones between the eyes. Their function is to produce mucus for the nose. The mucus keeps the nose moist. It also protects the breathing system by trapping pollutants such as dust and allergens. Sinus pressure and toothaches commonly are mistaken. Keeping both your doctor and dentist informed is key in proper diagnosis.

Most people suffer from sinus pressure. It results from different causes, but the common ones are:

Cold, pollens, dust, and other allergens may cause the nose tissue to swell blocking the passage. Since the sinuses cannot drain, pain in the nose is inevitable.

Nose injuries may dislocate the nasal septum. It is the thin cartilage and bone wall separating the two nasal passages. In normal conditions, the two paths are of equal size. An injury may cause on passage to be smaller than the other.
A deviated septum may also be inherited. It is also a major cause of snoring.

Narrow Sinuses
There are those who experience sinus pressure. They naturally have a longer and narrower sinus path than normal.

An Extra Sinus
You may be thinking, “That’s a good thing!” The truth is, it rarely is. An additional sinus is located in the same space as the others hence narrowing the drainage passage.

In spite of these, allergies and injuries remain the leading causes of sinus issues. The best way to keep it in check is by avoiding irritants such as dust, strong chemical odors, and tobacco smoke among others.

A toothache can also have some of the same symptoms. Royce Family Dentistry in Pineville, NC is committed to providing excellent care to it’s patients. With allergy season on the rise make sure to mention to your dentist if you are experiencing sinus pressure or if your allergies have increased. Schedule your appointment with Royce Family Dentistry today by calling 704.540.5440.