The Queen city is known for many things including beautiful smiles.  Royce Family Dentistry with providing dentist, Hugh Ogletree Jr.  is proud to share information about teeth whitening services to the Charlotte area.

Do you feel like your teeth or discolored, maybe even stained?  It’s a common thought among many people, why are my teeth so yellow?

Staining on the teeth

Teeth can become stain very easily depending on our daily habits.  Food, coffee and wine are all culprits to producing stain on the teeth.  Coffee, tea, sodas and smoking are a few of the leading reasons for teeth stain.  However, aging alone can account for stain.

How do you prevent staining on your teeth?

First, we encourage healthy overall habits.  With that being said we understand what causes teeth staining.  Regular dental cleanings help keep stain to a minimum along with a great whitening toothpaste.  However these things still need a boost in between and a dentist approved teeth whitening service will bring a more “wow” factor.

At Royce Family Dentistry we offer both an in-office whitening service and a take home custom tray solution.  Both provide great results.  The in-office service allows the patient to leave seeing the results of teeth whitening while the take home custom trays provide results over a course of a few days.

Are you a candidate for teeth whitening?

It’s important to know that a comprehensive or yearly exam is recommended before teeth whitening.  You may not be recommended for teeth whitening in you have exposed root surface or if you have areas visible of dental treatment including veneers.  You should know that only natural tooth structure will respond to a whitening treatment.

Would you like to learn more about teeth whitening at our Charlotte location?  If so schedule your consult with Royce Family Dentistry in Pineville, NC today by calling 704.540.5440.