When you think about bringing your kids to the local dentist office for the first time, you may frequently picture a massacre in your head. You see your kids screaming and crying before, during and after their time at the children’s dentist. Although you might not entirely assuage every single fear that they have, you can work toward a better experience, thereby encouraging optimal dental hygiene.
Pick a Kid-friendly Dentist
Bringing your kids to the same dentist that you go to is tempting, especially when you are constantly running around from place to place. However, consider if that option is really the best choice for your kids. Instead, look into a local dentist office that specializes in pediatric care. The ambiance of the office is likely decorated to invite children in and encourage them to wait in a relaxing environment. The time they spend playing in the waiting room can make them more congenial when they enter the examination room.

Stay Alert to Sounds
Imagine that you are sitting in the waiting room when all of a sudden, you and your kids hear other children crying and screaming from another room. While you want to stay alert to serious issues, also recognize that children tend to become overly frightened at the dentist when nothing is seriously wrong. If you hear these unnerving sounds, suggest that you and your kids go outside for a quick walk. You could also explain that not everyone has the same experience at the dentist. Ignoring the sounds will probably just fill kids with more anxiety about their dental exams.

Encourage Playing and Mingling
You have taken this first step toward dental hygiene by bringing them to the dentist. When you are sitting in the waiting room together, encourage them to play with the toys that are available and to chat with the other kids in the office. Doing so can help to put their minds at ease; in fact, they may forget that they are at the dentist in the first place, allowing them to venture into the examination room with a clearer mind.

Going to the dentist doesn’t have to startle your kids. Instead, you can use the waiting room experience as a preparation tool. To schedule an appointment for your children, give us a call today.